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Who is Genghis Khaan

Genghis Khaan (Chinggis Khaan in the modern Mongolian spelling) 1162-1227, a great Mongol conqueror, was originally named Temujin. He succeeded his father, Yesukhei as chieftain of a Mongolian tribe and then fought for the power of ruling Mongolian confederacy. In 1206, the Great Khurildai (Great Assembly of Mongolian tribes) proclaimed Temujin as the supreme ruler of the unified Mongolian state, giving him the title of Genghis Khaan which means the Universal Ruler. Then, Genghis Khaan coordinated the Mongolian tribal structure into a military arrangement. He divided the entire population into military units with accompanying households and cattle supplement; the tens, the hundreds, and the thousands. In 1223, He attacked the Jurchen-ruled Chin Empire of China and by 1215 he occupied most of its territory including the capital, Beijing. From 1218 to 1224, he conquered Turkistan, Transoxania, and Afghanistan. Soon after he raided Persia and Europe stretching till the Dnepr river.

Genghis Khaan ruled one of the greatest empires on the earth has ever known. He died while campaigning against the Jurchen and his vast domains were divided among his sons and grandsons. Even though the wars led by him were marked by ruthless carnage, G Genghis Khaan was a worldwide known ruler and a great military leader. Historically, Chinggis Khan was said to be a descendant from Tamerlane king. The portrait of the Khan with hoary moustache and flowing silver beard seemed far removed from the merciless warrior who established an empire more extensively than that of Alexander the Great. Genghis Khaan in his sixties was still a formidable ruler whose accomplishments included a comprehensive legal system, an efficient horseback-express communication system similar to the pony express, and the first written Mongolian language.

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