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Preparing for your trip

Tourists no longer require an invitation letter from an hosting organization in Mongolia to obtain a visa. This means that any tourists can go to a Mongolian Embassy or Consulate and apply for a one-month tourist visa. Mongolian visas have an "entry" and an "exit" part to them. Please make sure to clarify when you are receiving your visa from the Embassy that you have both the "entry" and "exit" part stamped. If you apply for a tourist visa for a period of time longer than one month, a letter of invitation from the inviting organization is required.

If clients would like to take some supporting documents to the Mongolian Embassy in order to apply for their visa, "Great Chinggis Empire" Co.,Ltd can supply them with a voucher that explains the purpose and duration of travel in Mongolia. Generally tourist visas cost US$ 50 to obtain a visa in one day and US$ 25 to obtain one in three days. Tourists no longer need to register with the Police once they are in Mongolia. Please remember that you will need to check the visa requirements for the gateway countries into Mongolia; China, Russia or Korea. You will need a visa for both your incoming trip to Mongolia and your outgoing trip from Mongolia for either two visas for the country concerned or a double entry visa.

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