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   About Mongolia » A land of extremes

Mongolia of Genghis Khaan, a land of extremes

Mongolia is a huge, landlocked country: 1,566,500 sq km in area-about three times the size of France; over twice the size of Texas; and almost as large as the Australian State, Queensland. Mongolia stretches about 2,400 kilometers from the west to the east and about 1,260 kilometers from the north to the south. The total length of the country-border is 8,158 kilometers.

One of the highest countries in the world, with an average elevation of 1580 m. In the far west, Mongolia?s highest mountains are located in the Mountain range of the Mongol Altai Nuruu, which is permanently snowcapped.
The highest peak-Tavan Bogd /4374m/ has a magnificent glacier towering over Mongolia and Russia and China.
The lowest point Khukh Nuur is 560 meters above sea level.
And the capital city Ulaanbaatar lies at 1380 meters.

Mongolia has an extreme climate ranging from freezing cold till arid summer day n Gobi. Only in summer, the clouds may cover over in the sky. Humidity is scarce and sunshine is intense. With over 260 sunny days a year and naturally-fresh, blue sky, Mongolia is stimutaniusly known as "Land of Blue Sky".

Average summer temperature: +20C
Average winter temperature: -24C
Average precipitation: 25,4 cm

Density of only 1,5 people per sq km and 2,353,000(or 51%) citizens live in the entire country.

More Mongolians, ethnically, live outside of Mongolia than in it about 3 million in China and nearly a million in Russia. Even along the Caspian sea, in central Afganistan and in deepest Yunnan (China), thousands of kilometers from Mongolia, there are descendants of Mongolian armies.

The great majority (about 86%) of mongolians are Khalkh Mongols. The other major ethnic group, the kazakhs(6% or 130.000) live in Western Mongolia, mainly in Bayan-Olgii aimag and there are many small ethnic group live hormaniously together in this country.

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