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   Our Itinerary » Classic tour



1 day

Arrival to Ulaanbaatar, transfer in the hotel.  Visit the Gandan monastery, the biggest monastery in Mongolia, built over 300 years ago,  ascent to the Zaisan hill, from where you can enjoy a beautiful panorama of the city and the surrounding hills, there you will find a huge statue of Buddha. Visit the Bogd Khan Museum: Winter Palace of the last emperor-lama.

2 day

Visit of the Museum of History. Departure with car to the direction of Darkhan city, located in the north of Ulaanbaatar. Arrive a few kilometers from the monastery of Amarbayasgalant, one of the most beautiful and important monasteries of Mongolia.

3 day

Visit to the monastery built in 1737 and dedicated to Zanabazar, first emperor-lama, scientist and great sculptor, whose  was can here in 1779. Excursion around the monastery, until the mountain where are 8 stupas. Visit the cemetery of Huns – “khirgisuur”. Passing Erdenet – the town of the copper mines, departure to the National Park of lake Khubsugul, arriving in Bulgan.

4 day

Departure to Murun, capital city of Khubsugul province. Visit of the local market, free time.

5 day

Displacement for the National Park of lake Khubsugul, one of deepest lakes of fresh water in Central Asia (262 m.). Once arrived to the Park after a few minutes find out the lake, one of the most enchanting of Mongolia where leave you to the breathtaking landscape.

6 day

Departure for the trip to the mountains of Saridag in the vicinity of the lake Khubsugul , from which you can enjoy a beautiful  panorama of mountains that compose it, between which the highest peak is the mountain of Khoridol Saridag. Possibility to visit Tsaatan families, ethnic group of Reindeer herders.

7 day

Passing the capital city of Khubsugul province - Murun, get off to the lake Zuun.

8 day

Transfer to the lake of Terkhiin Tsagaan, surrounded by craters of volcanoes, "younger" than others and the Khorgo. The road unfolds between mountains and valleys, and from the highest point you can enjoy a panorama of unimaginable beauty. Entrance to the National Park of Terkhiin Tsagaan and arrival to the lake.

9 day

Visit to the volcano Khorgo, in a few minutes to reach the summit of the crater. When you return, you will pass through the caves of Shar Nokhoi and Zaluuchuud. Trekking around the lake.

10 day

After the breakfast, departure to Tsetserleg, situated in the province of Arkhangay. The road passes through the canyon of river Chuluut, sacred tree of a hundred branches and the rock Taikhar. In Tsetserleg, you will visit the Temple of Zaya Gegeen, built in 1586 that housed more than 1000 monks. Possibility to visit the market. Moving to the hot spring resort of Tsenkher, with hot water of  temperature  60-80 degrees, excellent to relax. You can have a bath in the hot spring and try the massage and Mongolian traditional care. Excursion around the hot spring.

11 day

Departure to Kharkhorin (Karakorum) passing the monuments of Turkish period of VIII century. Arrival to Kharkhorin - ancient capital of the Empire of Genghis Khan. Visit to the Monastery-Museum of Erdene Zuu, built on the ruins of Kharkhorin, the monument of that period - turtle stones.

12 day

Departure to the Gobi desert, the biggest desert of Asia. Arrival to the tourist camp near Saikhan Ovoo, a small village in the Western part of province of Dundgobi. Visit to the ruins of the Monastery of Ongiin.

13 day

Continuing for Gobi desert arrives at Bayanzag – "flaming cliffs", where the expedition of Roy Chapman Andrews in 1924 did the larger paleontological discoveries, finding an impressive quantity of discoveries among which the eggs, components and whole skeletons of dinosaurs of much unknown species until then.  Excursion in the land of the first owners of Land. 

14 day

Move to visit the petroglyph of Khavtsgait and departure for the National Park of Khongoryn Els, with the highest and more spectacular sand dunes in Mongolia. Excursion on the sand dunes, some of which you reach 800 meters high.

15 day

Visit to Tsonjiin Khotgor, another locality where fossils of dinosaurs were found. Moving to Chono Shurguul –  forest of saxaul (small bush of desert). Visit to a family of camel herders. In the evening,  you will enjoy the sunset: a grandiose show of wonderful colors which are made from sun lowering.

16 day

Departure to National park of Gurvan Saikhan, in this National Park, you will visit Yoliin Am “Valley of bearded vulture”. You will find the refreshment after torrid heat of Gobi desert. If you are lucky, you can see some Ibex and bearded vulture from a distance. Passing through Dalanzadgad, the capital city of Umnugobi province.

17 day

Continuing in the direction of Tsagaan Suvraga - “White Stupa” is a rock of lime, situated in the territory of Ulziit sum, in 30 meters of height and has the shape of weird because of a work of erosion of the water and of the wind. From afar, it looks like the ruins of an old town.  This zone is very rich of the marine fossils.  In 2000,  the archeologists have discovered the petroglyphs, that dated to 5000 years ago, to the period of Bronze.  Trip around Tsagaan Suvraga.

18 day

Departure to Baga Gazriin Chuluu situated in the province of Dundgov (Central Gobi). During the transfer made with all-terrain vehicle on excavated, begin the infinite landscapes of steppe, of desert and wonderful colors that only in  Mongolia can find.

19 day

Visit of National Park of  Baga Gazriin Chuluu,a rocky formation granite situated in the desert plain, goal of pilgrimage of the local people.

20 day

Last day of the journey for the Mongolian tracks and in the afternoon arrive to Ulaanbaatar.  Folk show. 

21 day

 Visit of the museum of Natural History, that besides the sections dedicated to the flora and to the fauna, presents paleontological discoveries and to the Museum of History.  Visit to the Museum-Monastery of Choijin Lama, where the original masks of the dance Tsam and splendid sculptures of Zanabazar are preserved.  Shopping.  Free time available for the trip in town. 

22 day



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